King Saladeen

Raheem Saladeen Johnson was born and raised in West Philadelphia, where his passion for the arts began even before the age of 5. He would draw on whatever he could get his hands on, particularly any wall that came his way, and especially for his mother. As an inner city child, the arts and activities were few and far between. Basketball became another great love of KING SALADEEN. He shined in the sport like no other scoring 1,000 points in high school and at his Christian prep school. For the first time he was given the opportunity to travel across the country where he began playing for the elite AAU teams. It was during these travels that he began daydreaming about color and design. The landscapes he viewed were another source of influence and inspiration.

Luckily for KING SALADEEN his best friend, John JP Thompson, who always knew his talent and worth, bought him his first set of professionalartsupplies. He encouraged him to focus solely on the arts and to make it his life long career. He took his friends advice and the rest was history. In 2011 he began his venture at the Saladeen Art Group. Sadly, a couple of years later, JP, the man who motivated him to push forward and do what he does best, passed away of brain cancer. KING SALADEEN will never forget the friend he was. KING SALADEEN graced Hollywood with his first solo show followed by one at Art Basel Miami. Most recently he held a three day show in SOHO NYC, known for its fine art galleries. When he begins his projects he paints based on his inspiration and vibe.