Sam Pace

From Los Angeles, home of swimming pools, shiny cars and movie stars. One rising star illuminates and outshines the rest. Sam Pace, primed and ready to take on the world, was born and raised in Southern California’s San Gabriel Valley. At a very early age he presented advanced artistic skills and heavily encouraged by both his parents to express his creative abilities. Along his blissful journey to conquer the canvas, Sam developed a passion for karate and disciplinary conditioning of the Martial Arts. The dedication learned in Martial Arts allowed him to intensely focus on creating Fine Art and ultimately his efforts were rewarded with a full college scholarship.

Samuel Pace continued to excel in both fine and martial arts. After mastering the art of karate, Sam moved to Europe and began the journey to pursue his dreams of mastering fine arts. The critically renowned series created with mixed media, using a variety of paints, were essential to capture the essence of musicians “jamming” and people dancing. Sam wanted the world to see the beautiful scenes that appear in his mind as he listens to Jazz music. From legendary jazz performer Nancy Wilson to the Los Angeles Urban League to the Playboy Jazz Festival, Sam’s client list is as diverse as his works. Sam feels the time is right now and he is eager to share with the world what he has previously only shared with family and close friends. Sam Pace introduces his private works created out his home studio he named “Space 44 Fine Arts Studios”.