MDMN’s New Wave

“New Wave” is MDMN’s second solo exhibition at Gallery 38. The exhibit is on view through Sept 7th and available in our online gallery.

MDMN is an American Contemporary Artist based in Los Angeles. Encouraged and influenced by his family’s love for art, MDMN releases his passion through bright color and nostalgic characterization.

A step forward into MDMN’s fantasy world presents depictions of original characters and atmospheres both clean and refreshing. With a more modern and individualistic design, the detailed look into the foreground provides a unseen story into a lost dream that’s turned into a new wave of visions. Revitalizing his original characters into modern fluid design–both superhuman and relatable. The space on the canvas is affected by the weight and movement of them. The attention to detail is a visual language for MDMN’s fantasy and adventure.

An Arizona transplant with an educational background in animation and graphic design, MDMN has gone from gritty posters on the streets to doing exceptionally clean acrylic and aerosol work in a matter of just a few years. Inspired by a 90’s childhood filled with bright action figures, creepy extraterrestrial villains, and armies of robots that can be seen on every piece of his work, MDMN exhibits a youthful fantasy that reminds fans of Saturday cartoons.

MDMN’s first solo exhibition with Gallery 38 titled ‘PARA’ referenced the use of ‘paradise’ and ‘pairs’. This struggle in “paradise”, experienced by countless artists, told in pairs of artwork depicting heroes and villains.

Focusing on contributing to neighborhoods nationwide (and eventually worldwide) with large animated insight into his world of illustration of super heroes, his artwork inspires and encourages creativity from every community he touches, just like your favorite superhero. Even though the MDMN brand has just begun, he already has toys, gallery work, and countless large-scale murals.