“The Miseducation of Consumption” by King Saladeen


Featured In: Scope Art Show 2017


The Miseducation of Consumption, 2017
Chalk, Spray paint, Oil Pen, Resin, Mixed Media
48 × 48 in
121.9 × 121.9 cm

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KING SALADEEN has said that his inspirations have always come from a place so deep within, that ART has been his one and only way to express it! Creativity is an amazing outlet to express oneself and it seems like it is what made this self-taught artist the man he is today. He began presenting artwork in all of the hip cities. KING SALADEEN graced Hollywood with his first solo show followed by one at Art Basel Miami. Most recently he held a three-day show in SOHO NYC, known for its fine art galleries. When he begins his projects he paints based on his inspiration and vibe.