Sei Shimura – ‘Daruma’


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Featured In: Scope Art Show


Sei Shimura
Materials: Mixed Media (Spray paint, diamond dust, resin on wood panel, 14 x 30 in.)

Provenance: Scope International Art Show with Gallery 38

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Sei Shimura is a conceptual mixed media artist and award winning contemporary designer based in Los Angeles, CA. Originating from large metropolitan areas such as Tokyo and New York City, Sei’s art naturally reflects popular culture touching on topics such as capitalism and consumerism.
A graduate of Pratt Institute, Sei has been able to lead conceptual design projects and develop new ideas of automation and aesthetic through various visual mediums using vibrant color with a vast range of mixed material allowing Sei to develop a relationship with his work. He was awarded the top designer award for Tokyo Designers Week and has worked with high level brands like Mattel and the Andy Warhol Foundation.

Sei hopes to create a conversation about the borderline between art and design. Using his designer background and his love for contemporary art, Sei attempts to present a new flare to nostalgic imagery, and a humorous take on social and political issues.

Exhibition History

2016 – Solo Exhibition, Eight Cube Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2015 – Conception Art Fair, Gallery 38, Miami, FL
2015 – Group Exhibition, Bruce Lurie Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (with graffiti artist Cornbread The Legend) 2015 – Solo Exhibition, Money Talks, Gallery 38, Los Angeles, CA

Notable Awards

Coca-Cola Art Bottle Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan: August 2015
Coca-Cola Charity Auction Event, Tokyo, Japan: June 2014
SMA Gala Art Auction Event, Tokyo, Japan, March 2013
Tokyo Designers Week Art Poster Group Show, Tokyo, Japan: June 2008