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About this event:

Created by Erez Safar

Sonce Alexander Gallery in collaboration with ArtAboveReality will be presenting Christophe Leroux’s ‘Angle of Incidence’ Solo Exhibition.

Opening: March 17. 2016 | 6:00 to 8:00 PM         
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Hosted by Sonce Alexander Gallery and ArtAboveReality at Gallery 38, Leroux’s solo exhibition provocatively features a dynamic cross-section his most recent work. Manifesting considerations in color, form, line and process, Leroux’s work reflects the vibrant depths of communication construction. Layered infrastructures, found within fragmented references, generate an exploration of the current cultural climate – imparting the belief that art is a reflection of society. 
Fluid expressionistic compositions intersect with modern materials, forming an encounter of symbols, sculpture and painting. Leroux’s aesthetic is characterized by order, where color occupies prominent spaces transversing the progressive printing of mechanized copper, zinc and aluminum. Materials are hand-manipulated to intensify interaction of light and the viewer, from rippled fabricated sheets to used target paper. With a blend of French and English language, the dominant stenciled text juxtaposes his sensitive awareness of urbanity and globalization.

Christophe Leroux’s work is selected for an upcoming solo exhibition at Art 16 London. Leroux is an internationally recognized artist who has been invited to participate in a group show at MOCA and selected on several occasions to show at Salon des Realites Nouvelles, Paris, France. His solo shows include; Musée Galliera, Paris, France; Sonce Alexander Gallery, Los Angeles, among others. Leroux’s work has been featured in previous fairs such as Miami Art Basel-SCOPE, Miami Project, and is in collections all over the world including the Jumex Colección, Mexico City- Eugenio Lopez, Los Angeles. Leroux shares his time between Los Angeles, CA and Paris, France.

Gallery 38 is located at 5376 W Adams Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90016

For additional info: l 310 985 1090