Gallery 38 an ongoing project by ArtAboveReality and Bancs Media, opened it’s doors in March of 2015 with the hopes of starting a artistic renaissance in the West Adams neighborhood. One year later, the mission continues. Located on Adams Blvd, just west of La Brea Ave, Gallery 38 has lent its artistic influence to the community through murals, art talks and culture mixed with entertainment to a neighborhood void of it.

Named in a LA Weekly article as “The Center of the burgeoning West Adams Art Scene”, Gallery 38 has done over 10 solo exhibitions and have invited other emerging artists to join in by offering the gallery as a part time studio and event space, thus creating a community of creativity. With a community based approach, Gallery 38 has been able to continue the tradition of presenting emerging and established artists while focusing on developing the community around them. Within the year, at least 4 other galleries and/or studios have popped up in the neighborhood showcasing a wide range of art from artists in the neighborhood and throughout the city.

The unique artist that light up the gallery and neighborhood, differ in medium and composition, but are brought together by their unifying element of mixing mediums, street art aesthetics and thought provoking imagery. Gallery 38 will continue to be a pioneer in bringing collector education and artistic freedom, while displaying jaw-dropping exhibits and impermanent installations throughout the global arts community.

Address: 5376 W. Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016

Contact Us:
Email: info@gallery.com
Phone: (213) 290-1440

Plan Your Visit: Wednesday – Sunday, 1–7PM