Reisig and Taylor

Having worked with some of the most iconic and influential figures in American popular culture in the last 25 years, Reisig and Taylor have influenced the evolution of the photograph as the cornerstone of Pop Art. From rock album covers to portraits of hip-hop artists, Reisig and Taylor have developed a tremendous oeuvre reflective of their scope, intensity, and skill as both artists and photographers. With the unique capacity to interrogate and breakdown the normative barriers between intimacy and estrangement, anonymity and celebrity, sexuality and conviviality, the force of the aperture as a way of cutting-through such dualistic entanglements emerges as the central strand carried throughout their body of work.

Whether photographing a celebrity like Tupac Shakur or a personal family friend, Reisig and Taylor always maintain a certain tension between the world as it is seen and the world as it is lived—an aesthetic demand to see the world as we live it, rather than to live it as we see it. Their unrivaled ability to give walls a voice is shown in the visual and emotional connection with their subject matter. If walls could talk, what would they say about us, our society, the stories that captivate and define us?