‘Get on the Bus’ with Cornbread The Legend!

Gallery 38 brings Cornbread The Legend, the godfather of graffiti, for his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles!

Join us for a very special Cartwheel Art Tours graffiti tour with, art historian, Jim Prigoff, Steve Grody of Graffiti LA, presented by Gallery 38 and Art Above Reality with Cornbread. It is on this tour where in addition to learning about graffiti lettering and styles from Steve Grody, historian and author of Graffiti LA, you will meet the first Philadelphia graffiti writer, Cornbread who will offer us the opportunity to learn about graffiti from his perspective, as well as experience his work as part of the tour at Gallery 38.

The tour will begin at Gallery 38, where we will view some of the outside murals recently painted. From there we will hop on an air-conditioned bus, making stops at The Graff Labs and in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District.

The route will include viewing the work of graffiti artists in numerous yards such as, Saber and Zes. members of MSK/AWR Crew, K2S Crew, Moncho 1929, Knowledge Bennett, MDMN along with many others. In addition, special guest artist will describe their crew’s work while visiting their murals.

We will end back at Gallery 38, where we will receive a special walk-thru of Cornbread’s exhibition which is Cornbread’s first exhibition. Check out the Gallery 38’s website to learn more about the exhibition here.

Reserve Your Ticket Now for the Graffiti Art Tour with Cartwheel Art Tours, hosted by Cornbread The Legend, Jim Prigoff, Steve Grody of Graffiti LA.