Cornbread & Moncho1929 – “Cornbread Returns”


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Featured In: The Legend Continues


ARTIST (S): Cornbread (b. 1953, American), Moncho1929 (b. 1979, American)

ARTWORK TITLE: Cornbread Returns


PRICE: $7,500

MEDIUM: Acrylic, Screen-print, Aerosol Paint on Canvas



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Gallery 38 brings Cornbread, the godfather of graffiti, for his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles with a slew of VIP programming slated around the exhibit retrospective which will feature original works, a Graffiti Art Tour with Cartwheel Art Tours, hosted by Cornbread and Steve Grody and a very special Art Talk hosted by Street Art Professor Jim Daichendt.
Born 1953 in North Philadelphia as Daryl McCray, Cornbread used his troubled neighborhood and precocious personality as springboards to become the youngest artist to stir a worldwide movement: graffiti. Cornbread’s unflinching desire for recognition motivated him to utilize graffiti as expression. In contrast to tagging’s prior use as marking specific territory, Cornbread wrote his name all over Philadelphia to showcase no one neighborhood is enough for an artist.

It began with writing on school walls to grab a girl’s attention and grew into marking an elephant at the Philadelphia Zoo and the Jackson 5 airplane to earn national fame. From there, Cornbread’s influence spread everywhere, inspiring artists from LA to Berlin.
Los Angeles is now a force on the graffiti scene yet it has never hosted an exhibition focused on the original master of the craft. Gallery 38 gives the legend his due, including bringing the artist himself out to be at the center of it all.