“Untitled (War)” by Patrick Henry Johnson


Featured In: Aqua Art Miami 2017The Chronicles of Subjugation


ARTWORK TITLE: “Untitled (War)”
MEDIUM: house paint on wood, bullets, meat hook, boot, metal plates, polyurethane, poly resin, saw dust, wood chips, oil paint.
SIZE/DIMENSIONS: 36 x 48 in.

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Gallery 38 is pleased to present Patrick Henry Johnson in his solo exhibition, The Chronicles Of Subjugation: The Art of Conquer and Divide!, featuring assemblage installations that challenge the presence and the way we react to race and prejudice in our society. Using mirrors as a way of interpretation, it forces the viewer to see themselves in the work instigating a conversation between themselves and the content of each work. In almost a performance, the viewer’s actions and/or reactions provide the final stage in helping to complete the artist’s vision.

The Chronicles Of Subjugation examines how being born into a pre-programmed society affects perception and shapes consciousness. This exhibit explores etymology, epistemology and the power of racial epithets. Word such as nigger, kike and wetback are designed to trigger our reactive mind much like a virus that lies dormant in a computer program. When we as humans incarnate into this physical reality. The programs are already activated and mostly accepted without question. Family, educational systems, religious institutions and perceived authority figures reinforce our programmed behavior.

Conceptual Linguistic Expressionism is an art form that is the creative expression of a word. This technique emerged out of my desire to express the meaning of words in mixed media. Each of the nine panels depict a concept illustrated by a word. In the definition of each word, there is an element of danger and/or conflict. Therefore, the materials used in the creation of each panel mirror those elements. Barbed wire, bullets, razor blades, nails, screws, broken bottles and shards of glass are vital components in bringing these panels to a fuller existence.